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Coronavirus Update

Lobbies Open

Our lobbies are currently open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.   Please do NOT enter the bank if you are not feeling well. Our drive-thru lanes will remain open for normal business hours, and we encourage you to continue using them if possible to help minimize the spread of the virus.  Click to learn more about entering our lobbies.

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Shazam BOLT$ is now Brella.

Misplace your debit card? No worries, just turn it off with the Brella app and turn it back on when you find it. You can also receive account alerts to quickly detect unauthorized activity and see your account balance. Download the Brella app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

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Keep Contributing After 70 ½

The IRA (Individual Retirement Account) rules were revised at the end of 2019, which increased the RMD age, removed the contribution age limit and changed inherited IRAs.  Click to learn more if any of these changes may benefit you.

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 Mobile Deposits

Deposits are a Snap with our App!

Just snap a picture of your checks to deposit them with our Mobile Banking app. Save time, money and hassle.

Download our Mobile Banking app from iTunes® or Google Play® or sign up within Internet Banking!

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Fees and limits may apply. Mobile Deposit is functional on iPhone and Android apps only. Usage may be subject to a fee by your wireless service provider.

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(Shazam BOLT$ has been updated to Brella™.)

  • Automatically receive email alerts about your card transactions
  • Check your balance
  • Turn on and off your card without affecting previous transactions if your card is stolen or is temporarily misplaced

Download the Brella™ application for free from your device app store today!

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