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Home Loans - Stars

Home Loans

Make Buying a Home Easier

Are you overwhelmed by the steps in the home buying process?  Our experienced team will help you get through it.    

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IRA Sunset 3


Get Set for a Great Retirement

Open an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) today or contribute to your existing IRA. Pick from a variety of options to fit your needs.

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Ag Loans

Ag Loans

Benefit from Local Ag Experts 

We’re outstanding in our field, so you can be outstanding in yours!    

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 Mobile Deposits

Deposits are a Snap with our App!

Just snap a picture of your checks to deposit them with our Mobile Banking app. Save time, money and hassle.

Download our Mobile Banking app from iTunes® or Google Play® or sign up within Internet Banking!

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Fees and limits may apply. Mobile Deposit is functional on iPhone and Android apps only. Usage may be subject to a fee by your wireless service provider.

Brella Man


(Shazam BOLT$ has been updated to Brella™.)

  • Automatically receive email alerts about your card transactions
  • Check your balance
  • Turn on and off your card without affecting previous transactions if your card is stolen or is temporarily misplaced

Download the Brella™ application for free from your device app store today!

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